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Frequently Asked Questions


When can i apply to the School of Nursing?

SONUCHI application forms roll out November to March/April every session. You may apply within this window.

What certificates do i need to present to qualify?

You need 5 Credits in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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Is SONUCHI a private college?

SONUCHI is run by the University College Hospital for the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Does the school of nursing confer a bachelor’s degree on graduation?

No. Students graduate with a Diploma in Nursing, although plans are underway to change to a collegiate system.

Can i attend the college from home?

No. All students are required and expected to take up residence within the college

Why does the college require applicants of a certain age?

Medical care requires dealing with the human body in situations that a minor is not legally able to handle. It is expected that anyone in charge of a client’s care, be legally and psychologically able to handle the pressure and consequences attached to the service.

I’m a Student Nurse, can i transfer to SONUCHI?

Transfer students are welcome but they must refer their cases to the Nursing Council for transfer to be effective.